"His illusions are unbelievable"
- Natalie M


"A skillfully crafted an experience"
- Jesse B




" The memories he provided
will last a lifetime."
- David R.

cocktail hour Magicians

Excellent cocktail hours require incredible entertainment. By recruiting a local Magician from Magical Excellence, you are guaranteed to present your guests with a memory they will admire forever.


Our magicians will astound your guests with perfectly crafted miniature miracles such as making full bottles of wine materialize out of nowhere, knowing names of places contained within the minds of onlookers, and manipulating a fork’s prongs just by glancing at them. Rather than a usual mentalism or magic show, our cocktail hour magicians do not use a platform or stage to perform. Instead, we approach small groups of guests around your cocktail hour and present mind blowing personal magic shows. This evokes a more personal experience that many people have never experienced before. Guests will view magic happening right next to them, in their hands, and before their eyes. Also, our magic is non-intrusive for attendees who do not desire to participate, and we can even create a routine for anyone who has special needs.

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Why hire a Magical Excellence Magician?

Our local magicians are personally selected to be a partner of Magical Excellence, so that we present to you only the most impressive magicians in New York and New Jersey for your cocktail hour. We guarantee not only the most breathtaking magic and mentalism illusions, but fun personalities, and absolute professionalism. Every entertainer who we recommend for your event has had several years of experience performing magic shows as a professional for cocktail hours in addition to other private events with nothing but outstanding reviews.



Sam was great! He skillfully crafted an experience for trade show attendees using elements from our overall marketing strategy. That experience helped generate additional leads for our sales representatives. I highly recommend Sam… a true professional. – Jesse B (Trade Show)
He did a wonderful job and our clients were in awe. He showed up on time and his performance was as great as he said it would be. We are very happy we decided on Samuel and Magical Excellence. Great Job!!!!! – Amanda D (Corporate Event)
Sam was everything he promised to be. We had a small group of 12 in a nic erestuarant private room. Sam’s tricks were clever and entertaining. His opening appearing wine bottle quickly set the mood with oo’s and ahh’s. He engaged each of the audience individually with well done card tricks and slight of hand. My friends and family we impressed, and he set a great tone for the rest of the evening. He has a nice easy personality and was easy to warm up to. Overall we would say he was a smash!!!! Anita

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