How to Hire a Magician

Hiring a great magician is one of the most unique and memorable experiences that you can provide your guests, clients, or attendees. A great magician can forge extraordinary memories and feelings of excitement for your guests that they will associate with you and your event for a lifetime. But with so many magicians to choose from, how do you know which magician is right for you?

What Makes a Bad Magician?

The difference between a good magician and a bad magician comes down to this… A guest who watches a bad magician will walk away feeling frustrated, duped, and tricked. This feeling is constructed by a magician whose goal is not to entertain, but to appear smarter than his audience. Magicians such as these unfortunately create the stereotype of the creepy magician… However, with a little bit of knowledge and some common sense these magicians are easy to spot.

Bad magicians have an abrasive demeanor that makes others feel uncomfortable in their presence. If you get a bad first impression either through their marketing materials or through a conversation, then it is likely that this impression will be passed onto your guests. There are plenty of excellent magicians, you do not need to give a second chance to one that rubs you the wrong way.

What Makes a Great Magician?

Conversely a great magician does not “trick” an audience, instead they captivate and engage your guests during their presentation and leave them with positive feelings of awe and wonder long after the performance is over. When you see a great entertainer of any kind you will walk away from the show with a smile on your face and spring in your step. Hiring a great magician will do the same for your guests, turning an average event into an extraordinary occasion.

Finding the one…

If you get the impression through the magician’s branding, media, or during a phone interview that the only reason you should hire them is because everyone else has…you need to consider the following. Just because a magician claims to have had clients hire them in the past does not guarantee that their performance style is for you. It is important to focus on the atmosphere you want create for your event and find the magician that can best fit into your vision.

For example…

Are you having a Halloween themed party? Then hire a magician with gothic spooky persona. A casino event? Then hire an expert who specializes in gambling effects. A black tie event? Hire someone who wears a tuxedo in their promo video and uses a sophisticated vocabulary in their biography.

What to Look for When Hiring Anyone…

That being said…when hiring a magician or pretty much anyone, these impressions are everything. Look at their photos, and their brand message to discern what type of entertainment they really provide.  If they have balloon animals and clown noses in their media and they say they also do corporate shows, then you can assume the majority of their gigs are children’s parties and they may not have the same level experience entertaining for adults.

One huge mistake I see hosts and event planners make, is they don’t do any research on their potential entertainer. You are inviting a stranger to meet important people in your life, why would you not find out as much information as possible about them? The first thing anyone should do is type the name of the magician into Google and look at their website. A website for any business in today’s world is a virtual storefront, it is how they present their brand message, how they want the world to see them. You can bet that how a magician’s website looks and feels is comparable to how they look and perform in person. If the website is from 1999, has obvious spelling errors, consistent grammar mistakes, and cliché pixelated .gifs of rabbits coming out of hats… then you can bet the performer probably wears a sequin red vest and does cliché magic tricks with fake flowers and colored silks. If the person you are considering hiring to present  at your event doesn’t present themselves in a desirable way… then you should look elsewhere.

On the other hand… if the magician’s website is polished, organized, has professional photos, a great demo video, and looks like they have put meticulous detail into the presentation of their business… then you can expect this magician to have put just as much detail into providing a first class experience for you and your guests.

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