"His illusions are unbelievable"
- Natalie M


"A skillfully crafted an experience"
- Jesse B




" The memories he provided
will last a lifetime."
- David R.

Bar Mitzvah Magicians

Incredible Bar Mitzvahs need exceptional entertainment. By booking a local Magician from Magical Excellence, you are guaranteed to provide your guests with an experience they will admire forever.

Our magicians will present your guests with magnificent miniature miracles like making filled bottles of wine emerge from a silk pocketsquare, revealing songs contained within the minds of your guests, and twisting a fork’s prongs miraculously in a guest’s hands. Unlike a usual mentalism or magic show, our Magical Excellence Bar Mitzvah magicians do not require a designated area of your venue to perform. Instead, we mingle with smaller groups of guests around the Bar Mitzvah and present mind blowing close-up magic shows. This produces a more personal magic show that most people will rarely forget. Guests will watch illusions occur inches from them, between their palms, and before their eyes. Also, our magic is non-intrusive for guests who do not want to participate, and we can even personalize a performance for anyone who has special needs.

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Why hire a Magical Excellence Magician?

Our local magicians are meticulously selected to be a partner of Magical Excellence, so we can offer you only the finest magicians and mentalists in New Jersey and New York for your Bar Mitzvah. We promise not only the most incredible magic and mentalism illusions, but fun entertainment, and unprecedented professionalism. Each magician who we work with has had over 10 years of experience performing professionally for Bar Mitzvahs and other private events with nothing but outstanding reviews.


Excellent! I can’t say enough good things about his performance. All my guests are still raving about his tricks. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a way to enhance a party. – Sal G (Private Party)

Sam was the ultimate professional – arriving early, treating the guests kindly and with respect, engaging everyone in the room on a personal level. He was inconspicuous when he needed to be and dynamic and captivating while performing. Sam entertained both teenagers and adults and all of the guests found his magic to be breathtaking. He far exceeded my expectations and it would be my pleasure to work with Sam again. – Tracy L (Bat Mitzvah)

Sam was everything he promised to be. We had a small group of 12 in a nic erestuarant private room. Sam’s tricks were clever and entertaining. His opening appearing wine bottle quickly set the mood with oo’s and ahh’s. He engaged each of the audience individually with well done card tricks and slight of hand. My friends and family we impressed, and he set a great tone for the rest of the evening. He has a nice easy personality and was easy to warm up to. Overall we would say he was a smash!!!! Anita

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