Samuel Gherman

Samuel Gherman MagicianSamuel Gherman’s first magical performance was for his kindergarten class in a little town in Central New Jersey. Although it is unconfirmed, his kindergarten teacher still says it was the best show and tell performance she’s ever seen.

While in high-school Samuel’s continued interest in magic led him to perform in a popular café in Freehold New Jersey. He would walk from table to table showing magic to patrons while they waited to be served or seated. After only a few nights he began to grow a following, booking private parties from guests who loved his work. It was at this cafe where Samuel says he fell in love with the art of  sleight of hand.

After graduating he moved onto college to earn a degree in finance and art, as well as later an MBA in marketing. Samuel found that principles used in marketing and art could be applied to techniques in sleight of hand and vice versa. It was in these years that Samuel started  developing his signature effects and unique performance style.

Since his kindergarten debut he has performed for companies including J.P. Morgan & Chase, Land Rover, and Thomson Reuters as well as for numerous charities and private parties.

Signature Effects:

  • Wine bottles appearing out of thin air
  • Full Glasses appearing out of his sleeve
  • Signed Card to spectator’s pocket
  • Bending silverware with his mind