"His illusions are unbelievable"
- Natalie M


"A skillfully crafted an experience"
- Jesse B




" The memories he provided
will last a lifetime."
- David R.

wedding reception Magicians

Remarkable wedding receptions demand exquisite entertainment. By recruiting a local Magician from Magical Excellence, you are guaranteed to give your guests a feeling of excitement they will always remember.

Our magicians will surprise your guests with astonishing miniature miracles such as making full bottles of wine appear from thin air, knowing names contained within the thoughts of your guests, and bending the tines of a fork just by looking at them. Rather than a classic magic show, our wedding reception magicians do not need a platform or stage to be seen. Rather, we walk up to smaller groups of guests throughout the wedding reception and present amazing close-up magic and mentalism shows. This creates a more personalized experience that many will rarely forget. Guests will have miracles occuring right in front of them, in their minds, and before their eyes. Also, our magic is non-interfering for guests who do not want to be shown magic, and we can even customize a show for anyone who has special needs.

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Why hire a Magical Excellence Magician?

Our local magicians are hand picked to be a member of Magical Excellence, so that we can present to you only the best magicians in NJ and NY for your wedding reception. We guarantee not only breathtaking magic and mentalism illusions, but witty personalities, and unparalleled reliability. Every performer who we recommend for your event has had several years of experience performing magic professionally for wedding receptions as well as other private events with nothing but outstanding reviews.


Sam was a HIT! I originally hired him to do two hours at my wife’s birthday party but after speaking about the gig, he offered to bring another magician who would do a different style of magic and further enhance the experience… for NO added cost above my original quotation. In short, Sam is a true professional. He could have taken all the money himself but went out of his way to make sure that the customer was as satisfied as possible at his own expense. Besides that, the magic was AWESOME. The cards, slight of hand and mentalist stuff was mind blowing at times. And I have been trying to bend back those forks all weekend. In short, HIRE THIS GUY! – Steven V (Private Event)

Sam arrived early and eager to get started. His magic was very personable and very well received. He had no issues re-performing his magic for those who had missed his trip to their table. The appearing wine bottle and the Yury Gellar fork bending were very well received (Sam brings his own forks). For amusement leave a few of the bent forks on the table for the wait staff to find. I would and will hire Sam again. – John B (Christening)

Sam was absolutely wonderful. Great talent and such a pleasing personality. – Shibani N (Cocktail Party)

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